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About Us


Interconnected world. True connection between nations and countries

At Envision Blockchain Consulting (EBC), we understand the massive potential behind blockchain technology. Let us help you  build the foundations required to take advantage of this emerging global technology. 

We can take your business to new levels by leveraging  decentralised applications run on blockchain networks. Take the step to position your company as a pioneer in your industry. 



Blockchain and cryptocurrencies bring a new level of inter-connectivity between individuals, companies , enterprises and countries. 

As part of staying current  with the developments in the field, EBC stays active within many reputable blockchain and cryptocurrency communities from around the world. 

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are here to stay and we want you to benefit from them too.



Your success is our success. The EBC team will work tirelessly and endlessly to help you to achieve what you want to achieve. If we can't provide what you need, let us find a team that can. 

Our mission is achieving your goals and milestones, our priority is you.

We will cater to any level of involvement and scale, whether you have a company with thousands of employees or you are looking to create a start up yourself.  

Don't worry, no matter what we've got you covered.


Director - Dr Will Ong BDSc (UQ)


Graduating from the University of Queensland with a degree in Dental Science, Will has enjoyed a fulfilling career as a dentist thus far. He developed an interest for blockchain and cryptocurrencies in 2017 as the industry began to rapidly expand. 

After an extensive research process, he realized the massive potential for the technology. A hobby became a passion and he has since dedicated countless hours learning all aspects of blockchain. 

A perfectionist by nature and an old soul at heart, he believes he can help maximize the potential of this unique network infrastructure and knows it will change our lives for the better. He is currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning as well as casually learning how to become a full stack developer.